Friday, June 28, 2013

"Stickistas" iTunes LP released!

The 40 song enhanced iTunes LP format release of "Stickistas" is now available as a free download!
With over 40 Stickists from Latin,Hispanic,and Chicano backgrounds representing their respective countries,"Stickistas", is the 2nd such compilation released by Stickist/producer Guillermo Cides,founder of The Stick Center. 

 Guillermo chose the StickCentric tune "I Don'T Know What Happened" for this compilation and our very own Juan R Leõn to represent Mexico.It is a special edit by Guillermo himself and originally mixed/produced by Jeff Knauff of The Parsonage Studios.

 This collection of music finds its home in the ever popular iTunes LP format which combines music,images,videos,links,text into an interactive and immersive experience for the listener.
 To experience the album you will need Apple's iTunes player available here-----> iTunes

 You can download the complete album from the official Stickistas website.