Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

StickCentric on i-Tunes

 That's right! You will soon be able to get one of our tunes online.
Guillermo Cides,founder of the Stick Center and an amazing Stickist in his own right, is producing the second Stickistas album and will be releasing it on i-Tunes in their ever popular i-Tunes LP format.
 The album is an effort to bring to light Stickists from Spanish speaking nations (Juan was born in Mexico) and will also help raise money for Caritas Internacional 
 Guillermo approached Juan and asked him to submit some music and represent Mexico on the project. Juan submitted 2 of his own original compositions and one StickCentric tune.
"I Don't Know What Happened" was chosen by Cides The tune will be a special "edit" by Cides himself and will only be available in this form on the Stickistas i-Tunes LP.
 We will be posting more as release dates draw near!