Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sticks at the White House!!!!

Central Florida Stick® Night a grand success!

 It was a rousing 3 hours of pure musical delight at last night's Central Florida Stick® Night at Natura Coffee & Tea.
 Both Juan R Leõn and Jeremy Birdsall hit the stage for some solo work. running the musical relay race from new age to funk,rock to jazz,blues to prog,and back again,the crowd responded with jubilant cheers and smiles all around.
 Stickist Flint Blade wowed the crowd with his nimble yet expressive Stick technique..fusing the sensibilities of Michael Manring with the lush chordal resolves of George Harrison. He was joined on stage by Alison Murphy for a Stick/clarinet duet that was lush and melodic.
 after a short break...Reed Hayes got behing his trusty Sonor drum kit and layed down the funkiest grooves and in you face beats all to the ecstasy of jeremy,Flint,and Juan as the 4 let loose an onslaught of fine jamming that kept folks on their toes hanging on every snare crack and string bend. Reed turned in rousing solo (does he do any other kind?) while the 3 Stickists got their own moments to shine.
 Yessir...what a night!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's right around the corner!!! Jeremy and Juan will be sharing the stage at Natura Coffee & Tea with fellow Stickist Flint Blade.BLaH drummer reed Hayes may stop in for a jam or two! You do not want to miss this evening of incredible music all performed on the Chapman Stick®. It's all happening Friday, July 27th!