Sunday, July 24, 2011


OK..Reed Hayes has got to be one of the most amazing drummers any of us have heard or had the pleasure of playing with.
But that's not all..
He's also a bit of a techie nerd...
Here's a video he put together this past year or so...all kinds of crazy randomness and off the wall mayhem.All Reed...all the time.
Makes us kinda scared as to what he is gonna do with all that BLaH footage he just shot this past Sunday.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

BLaH at the Orlando Science Center

 BLaH will be performing an impromptu set at the Orlando Science Center's Darden Theatre on Saturday,August 6th.
 Jeremy and Juan will be hosting "The Stick®:Guitar or...what?" during the National Guitar Museum's exhibit, "Guitar:The Instrument That Rocked The World" in residency at the Orlando Science Center.
 Come join Jeremy and Juan as they present an entertaining and informative session on the Chapman Stick®.Listen to exciting music performed by Jeremy, Juan and guest drummer Reed Hayes. Preview the trailer for the upcoming documentary "Emmett" by Dan Chapman. Participate as we invite attendees to play a Stick for themselves! There will be give aways,a meet and greet,and plenty of fun.
 Make sure you reserve your seats and get your tickets now for this exciting and unique event.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

BLaH in the studio?

We've been kicking the idea around a bit...
Jeremy and myself have been wanting to do a Stick heavy recording for awhile now..and Reed is completely on board. So we are planning a discussion to see what exactly we wanna do.
Whatever it is you can bet it's gonna be exciting.
Stay tuned....


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hi rez files of Improv I

Here's a hi bit version of Improv I from our Shut Up & Play 2011 set.

Jeremy Birdsall

Juan R Leõn
Octave bass

Reed Hayes

Tech info:

Recorded on a Tascam DR-03
Date:June 25,2011
Size:21.9 MB
Bit Rate:192 kbps
Sample rate:44.100 khz
MPEG-1,layer 3
ID3 Tag:v2.2
Encoder:Garageband 5.1

If you want a direct download...go here

We hope you enjoy it!.


Added some background graphics..hope ya like 'em!
The girl in the image is a friend of mine from California.Her name is Claudia and she was gracious enough to let me use an image of her for our blog and Facebook page.

Saturday, July 2, 2011 we go...

OK's our brand new blog!
Gonna be postinbg some they become available.
Please leave a comment and come back often.